bestätigte Spiele? Viele Fragen sich, ob und wie viele Spiele noch für die OUYA kommen werden. Auf diese Frage haben wir eine Antwort gefunden. Dank Eddi K aus dem OUYAForum haben wir eine riesige Liste an bestätigten Spielen.

Also falls Ihr nach einem bestimmten Spiel sucht, schmeißt doch einfach mal die Browsersuche an und vergewissert euch!

Die Daten für die bestätigte Spiele wurden auf dem OUYA Forum gesammelt und dort auch immer aktuell gehalten. Für aktuelle Informationen schaut euch einfach den Thread auf Ihrer Seite an!

bestätigte Spiele
100 Rogues
14px - Drummer Games
1900 - 12hitcombogames
2Balls - Mad Monkey Militia
2 Hando Commando - Good Hustle
3D Robot Game (working title) - Boundless Games
4th & Goal Football - Ryan Dale
8Bit Ninjas - Ethan Redd
Ace Invaders
Acorn Assault - High Tale Studios
Nonadecimal Creative
Aggro Tactics - GodlyPerfection
Ahab - George Katsaros
Airborne Dynamo
Air Hockey 3D - Apollo Software
AirMech - Carbon Games
Airstrike - NJUN Studios
Alien Patrol - inane games
Alien Space Retro - Owens Rodriguez
Alone in the Dark - Discrete Softworks
Amazed - Bouncing Ball Games
AmpGear - treeCL
Ancient Axes: Heroes on Paper - Planet lo Entertainment
Android, The Arena Fighter - Clockwind
Angry Ninjas
Anodyne for OUYA - Analgesic Productions
Another Castle - Uncade
ARDrone Sim: Zombies
Arena of Heroes 
Aries and The Mighty Rams (working title) - Renegadeware
Aritana and the Chieftan’s Disease (Portuguese)
ARMED! - Sickhead Games
Armored Tank Assault 2 - Ameon Entertainment
Around the Rock Disc Golf Challenge - Tribaloid
Artificial - FlyingCatGames
Asleep - Iron Wolf Productions
A Space Shooter For 2 Bucks - Frima Studio
Asso 91 - Urustar
Asteroid Ace - Obelisk Entertainment
A Tofu Tail 
Atomic Run - S7 Design
Aura Tactics – Ingredient Blu
AuroraBowler - Skipcloud
AvaTower (working title)
Avesus Chronicle - Espiragen Interactive
AVP: Evolution - Angry Mob Games
A Walk in The Rain - LunchGameStudio
Awesome Repair Crew - PlayPerro
A Zombie Stole My Toaster - ThePodge
Azorian Kings TCG - Azorian
Back to Bed - Bedtime Gaming
Bacteria - SinisterSoft
Bad Bros. - GameOverdose
BAKED. GPD - Juicy Cupcake
Ballistic SE - Radiangames
Balls In Your Face - AlexiHusky
Banzai Blowfish - Red Piston
Batsphere - Cascavelo Games
Battle Camel: The Search for Antarah - Jibberish Games
Battle Gnomes - EverFire Studios
Battle Worlds: Kronos
Beast Boxing Turbo - Goodhustle Studios- Bubblegum Pop – Lighty Kid
Beastie Troopers
Beat Bros. (working title) - UltimateWalrus
Before My Time (working title) - 50ply
Big and Small
Big Bang Battle
Big Top Ballet - VectorBloom
Bimey (working title)
Bionauts - DFT Games for Hawk Industries
Bite Size Tails - SeveredArts
BitMonsterFlux - ThomasKlokosch
Black Hole
Blackjack: Empire Rise - Rebel Software
Blackreef Pirates - Subvert Games
Grenade Tree Games
Blockables Golf!
BlockLife - benny561
Bob The Hampster - Dirt Dig
Bollaware’s SVEN - Bollaware
Bombball - EMcNeill
Bomberman Free - Ratalaika Games
Born A Dragon - Midnight Tinkering
Boticus The Game - HagerApps
Boulder Jape
Boundless (working title)
Bowling Pro - Apollo Software
Box Cat - Noodlecake Studios
Box Race HD
Bro. - White Bread Games
Broken Age - Double Fine & 2 Player Productions
Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse Adventure - Revolution Software
Brotherhood of Violence - Realtech VR
Brotherhood of Violence 2: Blood Impact - Realtech VR
bubblr – Dummy in Trouble - heavily loaded games
Bullet Train Hell - Logic Drill Games
bummperball - Paul Holt
Burn Zombie Burn - RetroBurn Games
Bushil Bash - Greenhill Games Pty Ltd
Busted - PimEntertainment
Cannon Battle - Crucial Games
Cape Chronicles - HeliumIntStudios
Caped Soul - Pauls Code
CapsBall - Retromadegames
Captain Backwater - Intermediaware
Car Jumper - BFA Games
Carrera 4
Cascade - Fayju
Caster - elecorn
Castle Conflict 2 – Broken Kings
CastleQuest: The Return of Count Dracula - Moonlight Games
Catch-22 Game - MangoDown
Cat ‘N Jack - Laughinggull
Chandler & Zay: We’re Not going to Old School - Chandler & Zay Productions
Chandler’s Ol’School Collection - Chandler & Zay Productions
Cherokee Language Numbers Maze - Michael Joyner
Chess 2: The Sequel - Ludeme Games
Chomp n Destroy
Chomp’s Wacky Worlds
Chopper Mike - VAMflax
Chrono & Cash - Orange Pixel
ChronoBlade - nWay
Chuck’s Challenge 3D
Cibug - Couch Potato Studio
Circuit Chaser - Ink Vial Games
CLARK - GoldenTricycle
Cloudbase Prime - Tyrus Peace
cmyk (working title) - elephantatwork
Coggy - Nujuat
Color Thief - TroubleImpact
Combat Mission Touch - Battlefront
Command Crisis: Callsign - Ariah Studios
Computergame - Chris Rhoden
Core Dive - Risen Games
Cosmix - Memorix Pilgrim
Coward Knight - Studio Leaves (very high likelyhood but not 100% confirmed)
Crazy Snowboard - ezone
Creator - Invinity INSI.DE Studio
Crest of War - Warvene Games
Critical Missions: Space - Studio OnMars
Critical Missions: SWAT - Studio OnMars
Critical Strike - Retroburn Games
Cryamore - NostalgiCO
Cube and Creature
Cubey! - Lost Key Games
Curiosity (working title) - zeStudio
Cyber Solstice - Everfire Studios
Daiboken - Midnight Games
Dango - Daniel Mula-Kerkmann
Dark Currents (working title) - psema4Technologies
Darkened Light - Rider Games
Dark Red - The Co Studio
Dark Reflections - Jonay Rosales Gonzalez
Dark Scavenger - Psydra Games
Dark Space Rings - Level41225
Darkwurm- Bovine Software
Dark Zeta Vol 2
Dash Blaster - EverFire Studios
Dawn Earth - IndieHex
Dead Dark - ez-source
Dead Dog - Vortex Studios (Not 100% confirmed but pretty confident (see link))
Death Castle - LoadedToaster
Death Goat - Nocturnal Studio
Death Squad - Blaho Bros.
Deep - Kaleidoscope Games
Defend Against Zombies - One More Go Games
Delta Defense - Neptum Studios
Delver’s Drop - Pixelscopic
Demagition - Pawel Bartkiewicz
Depths of Marlayo - Thomas Pendergrass
Destroy the Reflective Space Turtle - EmpireGaming
Devon Carmicheal - GameLogic/HDS
DevNation - Flux Game Studio
Dig! - Tasty Poison Games
Digger - Ratalaika Games
Dillo Hills 2
Dillos - Wreck Center Games / Perpetual Games
DitraFall - Ditrabox
Diversion - ezone
DNA - Inhuman Entertainment
Doom Riders
Doomsday Zombies - Ameon Entertainment
Downward Dungeon - Armandra Studios
Dragged Away - RAWRSoft
Dragon Delivery Service - deBACLE Games
Dragon Dojo - Yellow Bouncy Ball
Dragon Maze - FelineArts
Dragon Plunder - city41
Drawing Universe - Alex Tritt Games
Dreamland Delivery - Puca Studios
Dropsy The Clown
Dual Core - Behold Studios
Dual Stick Sushi (working title) - UnderC Kitchen
Duplicity - Taco Grave Yard
Dungeon (working title) - Bioroid Studios
Dungeon Panic! - Josh Lesnick
Dungeon Quest - Shiny Box Games
Dusty Revenge (spinoff) – PD Design Studio
Dwarf - Nightvision Game
Dynabot: The Robo Marble - Level 1 Games
Earth Defense (working title)
Eat Fast-Food (working title) - UV Games
Elliot Quest - Ansimuz
Epic Wizzard Battles - AlexiHusky
ePSXe (PSX Emulator)
Ernie Urban Presents: A Starship Called Sin - GameLogic/HDS
Escape - AMA Studios
Escape From Abidon - brink3D
Escape From Rikon - Tvee
Eterno Retorno - PiX Juegos
Everland: Unleash the Magic
Ex Con KickOff Beginner - StarNeck Games
Executive Star - Crystalline Green
Expendable Rearmed - Retrobomb
Experiment - Headup Games
Fail Dude - Chandler & Zay Productions
Fallen Heroes - PHD Gaming
Falling Numbers
Fall of the Templars - Justin Schneider
Fantasy Dreamer
FancyAsteroids - Blazing Cloud and 2-Complex
Farm Fight - Doubleyou
Farm Invasion USA - Handy Games
Fast Fast Laser Laser - UtahRaptorGames
Fatal Frontline
Fear of Tomorrow 
Grenade Tree Games
Festival of Magic - Snow Castle Games
Fetid Estate - Lune Game Studio
Fez - Polytron Corporation
Fighting Tiger – Liberal - Jiin Feng 3D
Final Fantasy III – Square Enix
Fire Chaos
Fire Hoop Racer - MetaPhx
First ConTactics
Fishedelic - Hagerbot
Fish Vs. Crabs - Swift Creek Games
Fist of Awesome - I Fight Bears
Fixie Joe - Retromadegames
Flashout 3D - Jujubee
FLD 3D Lite (Tower Defense) - Akebulan Enterprises LLC
Flummox - MagPieGames
Flying Car - gribbly
Focal - Kiwicoco
Fomka: orthodox fighting tales - HalfBusStudio
Forced - BetaDwarf
Fortitude (working title) - JSIDD
Forts Warfare - Hotfix Development
Fort Wars
Fractured Universe (working title) - Ardor Games
Freefall - DNA Games
Freefall - Pixel Pros
Friction 2200 - Caustic Ideas
Fright Fight - Appsolute Games
From Space
Frozen Bubble
Fur Fighters - Muffin Games
G.E.A.R. (working title) - Subvert Games
G4meBytes - Chef Hat Studios
Gamius Type IV - Mikeware
Gaps Between Art (had a working title of ‘Colorless’) - Frooxius
Gareno (working title)
Garnatron - PiX Juegos
Geo Wars - The Co
Get on Top - D7Games
Giana Sisters - Bad Monkee
Gigi’s Garden - My Purple Time-Machine
Giraffestache and the Helpful Hyrax - Giraffysics
Glob the game
Gobandroid HD - ligi
Goblin’s Bounty
God of Blades - White Whale Games
Goldilock and the 3000 Bears - Fayju Games
Gorgeous Guardians: Kiken
Go! Spy Car, Go!
Got A Block 4 You - CarvedGames
Gouya Car Wars - Lunch Game Studio
Gravestompers – Mad Menace Ent
Gravi - Hashbang Games
Gravitation - DemonStudios
Gremlin Gears - Krusmir
Grey: The Lost Technology - Team Aurora
Grid Game - Paul DiPastina
Gridlock - Daniel Jost
Grid Racer - hotzenplotz
Guardian - Aiyra
Guiding Light
Gunblitz - Rapture Game Studios
GunFire - Happy Bomb Games
Gunslugs - OrangePixel
Guns N Glory: WW2 - Handy Games
Happy Vikings - HandyGames
Harvester of Dreams : EP1 - Christian Waadt
Hatfields and MacCoys - Cascavelo Games
Hazardous Space: Origins - Sethos Studios
Hazelrun - Sushee
Heist 8080 - Nimble Gorilla
Hell IX - Retromadegames
Hello Space Station! - Bad Idea Vide Games
Heroes of Issachar - Saved Games, Inc.
Heroes of Loot - OrangePixel
Heroes of Umbra
HeroTown - Nextmap Studio
Hexicheckers - Federmeyer Software
Hey! Piggy! (working title)
Hidden in Plain Sight
High Flyer Death Defyer
Hipster Zombies - Sharkbomb Studios
HolyShield: Journey to Hell - Dogbox-Studio
Homeland Strike Force
Honey Fields Forever - Knife Media
Hot Asphalt - Green Juice Team
Huff-Puff HUSTLE - Team Aurora
Human Element (Prequel / not yet named) – Robotoki
Hunter - Unleashed Games
Hyperspace - Wolfos
Ignite The Skies - Blunt Instrument
iHurt - Mad Monkey Militia
iMech Online - Mobula Games
INC: The Beginning - OrangePixel
infeKted - MIX Studio
Inferno - Radiangame
Infinity Arena - Pixelblimp
In Gauge Space - TanokaGames
Invaders Pretty Sure From Outer Space – Round 2 – Freak Mind Games
Invasor X - Magician Games
Ionic Stormers
Isomeva - caou
Ittle Dew - Ludosity
Jane Wilde - Levelbitgames
Jelly Bounce - 3DiVi Company
Jellyman Saves the World
Jex Quest - Spicy Gyro Games
Jump Asteroids - Bestia Estudios
JumpMaster - Steamy Rice
Jump RPG (working title) - Marcus Körner
Kaiju Combat – Sunstone Games
Kana (working title) – No-Weekend
Kartex - Pixelapp
Kid Electro - Seantron
Killing Floor: Calamity (working title) - Tripwire Interactive
Kill Khaos (previously Karmageddon Khaos) – TeamKK
King of Booze - Day Games
King of the Hill - 9vsoftware
King Slash
King’s Shroud - Mercurial Forge
Kinito Music Puzzle - Delirium Studios
Kinito Ninja - Delirium Studios
Kinito Sports - Delirium Studios
Kitaru – Aoineko Studios
Knight of Cosmos
Knightmare Tower - Juicy Beast Studio
Knight’s Trial - Fire Horse Studio
Land-n-Mine - PiggyBankSoftware
Land of Ikabod - GhazWorks
La pesadilla de Ripollés - PiX Juegos
Last Stand At Iabreth
Lazer Owl
League of Evil - Noodlecake Studios
Left 2Die - Guilherme Molin
Legacy of Barubash - Kactus Games
Legacy of the Summoner - Game Radiator
Legend of Dungeon - Robot Loves Kitty
Legends of Aethereus – ThreeGates
Leisure Suit Larry - Replay Games
Lemming Rampage 2 - Rarebyte
Leroux - Taylor Balbi
Lets Go Mother F*cker - Overclock Studios (due to the name we are not sure about this one)
Lifenals - Hejiabin
Lin - Wompus
Liran’s Lab - Entity Games
Little Red & Professor Wolf
LivingShield - Insignia
Longshot - Longshot Studios LLC
Lonely Golem
Looking for love - Delirium Studios
Look Into the Light - Eye Six Games
los rios de alice - Delirium Studios
Love+ - Trunk’s Workshop
Machinations - GrahamGames
Mad Cow - Digital Vizions
Mad Monkeys - Glenn Bacon
Swift Fox Software
Magic Escape - Quasar Game Studios
Magnetism Battle
Mammoth Gravity Battles
Manaiko - CineTek
Manic Mole - Apparition Games
MANOS: The Hands of Fate – FreakZone Games
Marblesss - Fuzzy Game Studios
Marble World - Retrosoft Games
Master of the Seven Teas - Gaslight Games
Match Dash - Travis Chen
Maze-a-holic – Metanokid
Mazinger - MediaTech Games
MechKnight - Dinosaur Games
Mech Squad - CodeZombie
Medieval Munch - Hensoupstudios
Megacoaster - Space Walrus Studio
Megaman X: Eclipse
Meganoid - Orange Pixel
Meganoid 2 - Orange Pixel
Mercenary Kings - Tribute Games
Nuclear Heart Games
Midgard Rising
Minebuilder - Space Walrus Studio
Mini Golf Mayhem - Pixel Fun Entertainment
Mirrored Fairy Tale - Tanookee Games
MirrorMoon EP
Missile Onslaught - Blunt Instrument Studios
Mogg (working title) - Mogg Studios
Monkey Vs. Robots - PixelAtom Games
Monorider - Raliza Software
Monster RPG 2 - Nooskewl
Monster Slayer - Mooney Studios
Monster’s Syndicate Madness (working title) - Imaginoix
Monster Truck Racing - Meltdown Interactive
Moog Dash
MoonRush - SlipSpace Studios
Morbirith (working title) - Rogue Fairy Studio
Mouse Bros - Game Radiator
Mrs. Dad vs. Körv - Grapefrukt
Multispace - Kanki Bros
Munch Face - Wicked Loot
MurderDollz: Home For Demented Toys - FatCatGameWorks
My Beloved Company - OGGO1ndie
myKana - Josue Martinez
My Country, My Name - Vortex Studios (Not 100% confirmed but pretty certain (see link))
Natural Soccer
Neon Shadow
Neoteria - Orange Pixel
NewGame+ - Orb0
Nifl - Darix Studios
Night Light Arena
Ninja PVP - Ninjutsu Games
Ninja Run - Chrisfixitcpu
Ninja Twins - Kronbits
Ninjas vs Zombies - Gbanga
No Gravity - Realtech VR
Number Wolf
Oconner’s Space X - GameLogic/HDS
Oddball - Velvety Couch Games
Offensive Combat (all new games in the series) – U4iA
One Tap Hero - Coconut Island Studio
Onslaught (working title)
OpenArena - pelya
Operation Giant - Fenixfire
Orc Genocide - InspiredAndroid
Oscar Papa - OPifex Entertainment
Outer Recon - MeCorpGames
Outland 17 
Grenade Tree Games
OutPost Z - Tyrbyn Games
Outstanding Wrestling - Chandler & Zay Productions
Overkill 2 - Craneballs Studios
OverLight - Frooxius
Paintball “Fields of Battle” - Greg Hastings
Paintball War - StrangeGames
Pandarazzi - Floor Is Lava Design
Pandum - Davy Rives
Panic Flight - AMA Studios
Paper Wings - Tokkao
Pathways - MoonberryStudios
Peak Snowboarding - Digital Iris
Pee for Peace - LingPlay LLC
Penguin Armageddon
Penguins (working title)
Penumbear - Taco Graveyard (Not 100% confirmed, but it’s their goal)
Pester - Paul Marrable
Phobocore (Phobocore X) - OMGWTFGAMES
Phoenix Revival - Syraca Studios
Pier Solar and the Great Architects - WaterMelon Co.
Pig Eat Ball - MommysBestGames
Piggyback Dungeon Ryder - MikeLovesRobots
Pingo - 1-Pup
PIPNIS - SantaRagione
Pirates Forever
Pitch Wreck
Pix’nLove Rush - AMA Studios
PiX Bros - PiX Juegos
PiX Dash - PiX Juegos
Pixel Pig Deluxe - Smorpheus
Pixels in Space Suits
PiX Frogger - PiX Juegos
PiX Pang - PiX Juegos
Planet Grind - Studio Evil
Platform R - Daylater Studios
Pocket RPG - TastyPoisonGames
Pod Gunner - Digital Iris
Polarity - Bluebox
Politico - Sodafountain
Positron - Retroburn Games
Postal Samurai - Roa Game Studio
Power Up - Psychotic Psoftware
Power Ups that Kill
Pratfall - Big Fat Brain
Product 7 
Project:C (working title) - Robot Ractorial
Project: Darwin - Playware Entertainment
Project: Mayhem - OneSmartBunny
Project Omega - Game Radiator
Project Potato
Project Robut - Skylar Mallais
Project Timeline - An Arborescent Calculus
Project Trivea (working title) - Chrono Gaming
Project Unity Alice (working title) - United Alice
Project Zambaria
Project Z01 (working title) - Hammer Falcon
PropulScion (working title) - SteelCitrus Entertainment
Proton Pulse - PushyPixels
Protorings (working title) – EatPi
Protoxide: Death Race - HeroCraft
Puny Earthlings
Push (working title)
Puzzle 2 HD - AMA Studios
QWOP - Noodlecake Studios
Quench - Axon Digital Arts
Quest for Infamy - Infamous Quests
Raccoon Rumble - vidiludi games
Race Cars - Sussaio Games
Race Illegal: High Speed 3D - HeroCraft
Racer - badlogicgames
Radiant - Hexage
Rage Runner - Hypercane Studios
Raw - Detour Games
RED - Knife Media
Regular Ordinary Boy
Reincarnation: The Root of All Evil – B-GROUP Productions
Relapse: Awakening
Rescue Love Revenge - Rich Pine
Retroformer - Paradigm-softworks
Retro Racing - Mrqwak
RGB Agent - Unfinished Pixel
Riding Rhodri
Rival Threads – Studio Kontrabida
Roasty Rooster - Aptual
Rob Gilbert’s The Cave - Double Fine Studios
RoboFrenzy - Paradigm-softworks
Robotek - Hexage
Roboto 2 - FenixFire
roboXcape - Marco Giogini Production
rockdodger - Paul Holt
Rocks and Diamonds - Ratalaika Games
Rock Zombie - Quaternion Studio
Rogueya - Epparddev
Rogue Rainbow
Role Mouse - Pixel Oaks
Rolo - Volcanic-Penguin
Rom Hacking: The Game
Roogoo - Wreck Center Games / Spidermonk
Rose & Time - Sophie Houlden
Rossman - Saturn Games
Rubber Puck Hockey
Rubustika - Uvite Softworks
Ruin - Trickzterz
Run and Shoot Football
Rune Legend - Dreadlocks Ltd.
Runner Game - Simon Jacoby
Rupture Point - Sundry Games
Rush (working title) - New World Games
Rush Brothers
S7 Racing - S7 Design
Saga Heroes - Wasatch Games
Sam’s Chronicles - WitchLake SA
Sansarom - Schoen Development
Saturday Morning RPG – Mighty Rabbit Studio
Save the Puppies - Handy Games
Scary Robots - iterationGAMES
Sci-Fi Battle - Headup Games
SDI 3D - Kangaroo Punch Studios
Sea States - Kactus Games
Sector 13 - Reactor Interactive
Senshi Samurai
Seven Haunted Seas - Manv Games
Shadowgun - MADFINGER Games
Shadow Racers - Retroburn Games
Shadowrun Online
Shoot ‘Em Up - BigBerts Games
Shooter (working title)
Shorty & The Big Deal 2600 - Suese
Shrike Bowling - Digital Iris
Shrike PUB Darts - Digital Iris
Shrike Jewels - Digital Iris
Shuttle Rush - Takusan Works
Signs - badlogicgames
Silent Enemy - Minority Media
Singularity Gear Squad - Green Juice Team
Sinclair - DictionofGame
Sky Arena - Hammer Labs
Sky Fury
Sky Maze 3D - Karga Games
Skyrizer - Seantron
Slayers - White Whale Games
SlipSpace - Slipspace Studios
Snakes On a 2D Plane - irreverentQ
Sniffies - GameLogic/HDS
Snowball Scuffle (working title)
Snowman Race - Sunset Software
Snowman Scuffle - Unreasonably Good Software
Soccer Balls - TurboNuke
Soccer Rally 2 - Iceflame
Soliloquy of a Madman 
Grant Moore 3D
Solitairium - DrewFX
Sonata Kingdom
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I - SEGA
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II - SEGA
Sonic CD - SEGA
Sophia’s World - Intermediaware
SoulCraft – Acton RPG - Mobile Bits GmbH
Space Bubble Shooter - Magory
Space Buggers - Kanki Bros.
Space Cube - UnleasedGames Studio
Space Farmer 2035 - HuleStudios
Space Operetta
Space Qube - fallingcat
Space Race - Neoteny
Spaceracer (working title)
Spaceroads - Wurd Industries
Space Tech Quality Assurance - Pixel Mushroom Games
Space Warp - SteliosMedia
Space Wars 
Shiny Box Games
Space Waves 
Shiny Box Games
Sparklight Station Adventure (current title is Brainbots 5000) - Headrushgames
Special Olympus Chandler Basketball - Chandler & Zay Productions
Spectrum - Colony Studios
Spike Jumper - DeerAndCat
Spin Cycle (working title) - The Brave Companions
SPiN WARS - Brightside Games
Splat - NJUN Studios
Spread The Party - Waku Doki Ltd.
Square Off - Gnomic Studios
Stalagflight - Electronic Milk
Star Bandits - Pixel Balloon
Starbound - Tiyuri
Stardash - Orange Pixel
Starslinger Kings - 2 Hit Studio
Star Way - One Happy Elk
Steam Bandits
Steam Punk Showdown - Ameon Entertainment
StickySticky - caou
Stikbold - Team Stikbold
Strange Happenings on Murder Isle (working title) - Free Lives
Strange Times - TAGENIGMA
Street Racing 2
Striker Soccer 2 - U-Play online
Striker Soccer London - U-Play online
Stop Those Kittens - YAYitsAndrew
Stygian Core - Eitrium Studios
Subatomic Kangaroo World Tour - Tyrus Peace
Subject 33 - Red Ant Games
SUBJET - Konzeptzwei
SubSnatcher - Corbomite Games
Super Adventure: Sword Quest (working title) - Useless Studios
Super Battle Ball - ShinyBoxGames
Super BeatDown Academy - irreverentQ
Super Crate Box - Vlambeer
Super Grid Run - Refresh Creations
Super Daddio 2 - Glenn Bacon
Super Drake Tracker 2000 EX - Dan Teasdale
Super Dungeon Bros
Super Painter bros.
Super Retro Squad – Exploding Rabbit
Super Robot Space Fight - Tyrus Peace
Super Space Bucks - ThinkingFungus
Super Ubi Land 
Notion Games
Super Ushi Adventures - Bright Side Games
Super Yonder Fighters (working title) - Nuclear Heart Games
Surf Prodigy - DrewFX
Survive This Night - Quaternion Studio
Survival - Rubix
Survival Run with Bear Grylls - F84 Games
survivorZ - LavaAurora
Swarm - Erik Skoglund
Swindler: The Spoils of War - Open Mind Gaming
Syder Arcade - StudioEvil
T1M3 5TORY - Sire Games
Tainted Keep - Ravnstudio
Tales of People
Tales of Valor
Tank A Geddon - Yellow Bouncy Ball
Television - Laboratory Games
Terra Incognita - Dan Steer
The Amazing Frog - Fayju
The Ball - Tripwire Interactive
The Banner Saga Factions - Stoic
The Bards Tale - inXile
The Battlecruiser Dilemma
The Colony - Mooney Studios
The Courageous Captain Pussyfoot
The Curse of Shadow House - Eric Shofe
The Great Escape
The Hero’s Journey
The Hunted (working title) - SMASHWORX
The Legacy of Barubash: Chapter 1 
The Little Crane That Could - Stolk
The Lost Heroes - Magory
The Lost Souls Ch. 2
The New Housemate
The Other Brothers - 3D Attack
The Pedobear Returns - Orbis
The Runthrough - Djek Studios
The Secret of Universe Alpha - Dreamzle
The Siege Online - DFTGAmes
The Sounds Of Progress (working title)
The Traveler - Adventure Works
The Vestibule
The War© Series - GameSheik Studio
The Zybourne Clock - Team FiveAces
Thunderpig: Trails of Grimlock - The Kilted Coder
Tiamat X - Mark Dickinson
Bossa Studios
Time Robo - Dapper Games & Pewter Games
Tiny Artillery - Myriad Radikal
Tiny Dungeon World - Ratalaika Games
Tiny Runner - Jarcas Studios
To Dungeons Deep and Caverns Old
Tokyo Hosto - Baller Industries
Total Recoil - Eiconic Games Finland
Total Warfare - Souch
Towerfall - Matt Thorson
Tranquility - Shayne Guilliano
Tristoy - Uniworlds Game Studios
Tropical Treasures 2 Deluxe - Software Amusements
TUG - Never Done Games
Turbo Flick - DrewFX
Twin Robots - Thinice Games
Twisted Tourney
Ultimate Street Fighter – Xirokon
Ultra Pool - Retroburn Games
Ultrash - Ulin Game Works
Umi Force Unlimited - MediaTech Games
Undead Empire: Hellfire - Big Rook Games
Underwars - Shifty Tectonics
Urisis: The Darkthrone - Bloodshadow Games
Vacant Sky: Awakening - Bishop Myers
Vax Gravity - WildRune
Vendetta Online
Vertex Blaster
VirtualArtsGames Presents : Bowling - VirtualArtsGames
Visorman - Polygon Gaming
Volgarr the Viking - Crazy Viking Studios
VR Paint - Kaj Toet
WarCards - Shock Industry Ru
War Fighters - Tropic Mods Development
Wasabi - Dark Doors
Whispering Willows 
Night Light Interactive
WhiteWater 3D - Laughing Gull Productions
Wild Blue
Wings: Director’s Cut - Cinemawear
Wizard of Fakery: The Stairhouse Adventure
Wizard Volcano - Morgan Quirk
Wizorb - Tribute Games
Wolf and Dragon - GameLogic/HDS
Woopaloo - Ratatoskr Games
Wordooly - Thinksquirrel
Word Shaker - AFKSoft
WordTrap Dungeon - Crunching Koalas
World Destroyers - HardHead Games
Worm From Hell
Wraithborne - Alpha Dog Games
Wrecking Balls Arena - Team Kakumei
Wrestling Revolution
Wrong name wrong day - Bad Idea Vide Games
XMas Delivery - Quaternion Studio
Yipe! 5 - Idle Hands
You Don’t Know Jack! - Jellyvision Games
Yummy Circus - Puzzl
Zambaria - MotherRock Studios
Zebs Tale – A Zombie Story - Sam J
Zeitgeist - g1i1ch
Ziggy Putts - Phime Studio
Zombie Ass Kicking Games (working title) - Big Fat Soda Co
Zombie Dash - Red Piston
Zombie Death Metal Jam
Zombie Hunter 3D - Apollo Software
Zombie Pirates VS. Ninja Robots - Smashplug
Zombies & Trains - Dragonhead Games
Zombies Night Out - EvoFxStudio
Zombie Strippers Ate My Brains - StrangeGames


von OUYA bestätigte Spiele
Echoes of Eternia
Heroes Call
Mutant Mudds
Rival Threads: Last Class Heroes
Ski Safari
Super Retro Squad
 Talbot’s Odyssey - Studio Miniboss
Triple Town – Spry Fox LLC – Shown on Kickstarter Video


bestätigte OUYA Spiele – (Wenn sie durch Kickstarter/Indiegogo finanziert werden)
 Akaneiro: Demon Hunters - American McGee (UPDATE: Stretch goal not reached)
 The Adventures of Dash - Robert Bowling (Not Funded)


man munket, dass diese Spiele kommen werden
Canabalt – Semi Secret Software – Shown on Kickstarter Video
Dead Trigger – MADFINGER Games – Shown on Kickstarter Video
 Dillo Hills 2 - FexLabs
 Fatal Theory - 2 Hit Studios
 Freedom Planet - GalaxyTrail
 Hawken - Adhesive Games
 Kitaru - Aoineko Studios
Madden NFL 12 – EA Tiburon – Shown on Kickstarter Video
Minecraft – Mojang – Rumored in the Kickstart FAQ (if demand is there for it)
Racing Live – Storm8 Games – Shown on Kickstarter Video
Samurai II Vengeance – MADFINGER Games – Shown on Kickstarter Video



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